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We are Your CGI Studio

We bring architectural projects to life through the medium of CGI visualisation.

Creating engaging and attractive imagery to assist in the property marketing processes our clients  undertake.

We are based in the North, but out skills are extendable throughout the UK and overseas.

We fully embrace the Northern Powerhouse, harnessing the success and growth in the North to advance our studio into a market leader nationwide.

We love Manchester, it’s evolution over the last few years is nothing short of amazing and long may it continue.



That is how we advance; small tweaks in workflow, remote working, asset investment. These are all innovations Your CGI Studio has undertaken over the last few years to not only help us work better, but also work smarter. Less wasted time equals better value for money for our clients.


Still images

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Give a sneak peek into the architectural vision for a property development.

Architectural visualisation allows Your CGI Studio to do just that, generate a CGI image of the property before even the foundations have been laid.

Visualisations can be created for all sizes of development, from single houses up to large-scale developments involving hundreds of dwellings. Show the exterior, interior, cross-sections and aerial views. All as part of a consistent visual property marketing package.


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Once you have their attention, draw the viewer in further with an animated view of a property development.

Explore a property development in more detail, moving through the interior spaces via a walkthrough allows the layout and it’s subsequent navigation to be highlighted. 

Take to the skies with the exterior animations, aerial view animations of the development can be designed.  Swooping down into close up views of the exterior architectural elements and overall style of the site.

Your CGI Studio offer motion tracking services, giving the ability to combine real-world video footage with animated CGI to generate a seamless single piece of video content that visualises the property development in situ.

Virtual Reality

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Go beyond images and videos, immerse the user within the property development with a virtual reality scene.

Virtual reality is the future of the visualisation business, the ability to experience a property development in 360 degrees virtually is an amazing innovation that will only get more and more popular as technology progress and makes the transition more affordable.

360 degree views of a property can be generated relatively easily and cost effectively, making them suitable for most modern property development projects. True VR is the next step, it offers unrivalled experiences for the viewer and can be built bespoke to allow the user to explore variable elements of a development (rooms, interior design style, time of day, etc).


Bring architectural projects to life through the medium of CGI visualisation


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We love Manchester, it’s evolution over the last few years is nothing short of amazing and long may it continue.


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We are Your CGI Studio, so even if you don’t have a project for us right now, we love to hear from you. We are suckers for collaborations, building up local connections is invaluable to the property marketing industry. Allowing us to lend a helping hand on projects that may not even involve CGI visualisations.





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